The idea behind NEBlues was originally for John 'The Captain' Morgan and Pete Rea to record their songs with the involvement of some of  their talented blues performer friends. It soon became very apparent that because of the calibre of the artists wanting to get involved there was a much bigger issue to be considered than just John and Pete's work. So the objectives changed a little. It's not just about a few friends getting together, it's about the great pool of blues talent in our region - the North East of England. And it's about putting blues music out there for people to enjoy. Tracks released under the banner of NEBlues will feature different artists and there are some amazing ones lined up for your enjoyment, and ours by the way!! Some tracks will have a featured artist(s) supported by the house band which you can find out more about on another page. Even though this exciting venture is only in the first bars of a very long jam session we are massively excited about the future and really look forward to working with some of the best blues artists, not only in the region, but in our opinion, the UK.  Come with us on our journey and let us keep you in touch with what we're up to by signing up to the NEBlues website below .

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